E-marketing Solutions

Why E-marketing Solutions?
E-marketing is a component of eccomerce and is essentially reaching out to consumers via the internet and email to promote products, services and web sites. Companies that use e-marketing can save money because of a reduced need for a sales force.

Moreover, e-marketing can help expand business from a local market to both national and international marketplaces. In this way, it levels the playing field for big and small players. Unlike traditional marketing media like print, radio and TV, entry into the realm of e-marketing is a lot less expensive.

Furthermore, since exposure, response and overall efficiency of digital media is much easier to track than that of traditional "offline" media, e-marketing offers a greater sense of accountability for advertisers and businesses.

Compared to the traditional media marketing, e-marketing is growing very fast. It's also gaining popularity among small businesses and even consumers. The measurability of the internet as a media makes it easier to experience innovative e-marketing tactics that will give a greater return on investment.

What can Web Eminent offer?
Your new site will provide visitors with a great experience, giving them added value beyond their expectations, but first you are faced with the problem of how to bring customers to the site.

Web Eminent can advise you on the best method of promotion in line with your campaign budget and objectives. The resulting campaign will be carefully targeted, raise awareness of your site, drive traffic and increase conversion rates. Web Eminent not only will manage your campaign but will also implement tools to enable you to monitor and track the success of your e-marketing campaign allowing visibility on consumer trends and specific campaign analytics.

Web Eminent offers the following e-marketing tools:

  • Email marketing
  • Web-based Email Marketing Systems
  • Subscriber Management Tools
  • Banner advertising
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Viral campaigns